The Microphone Amp

The microphone amp is a chip, which was especially designed as an accessory for the hearing aids and also for the cell phone microphones.

This chip is considered to be a break on the acoustics ground because of its modern design IC which portends amazing applications. This chip is a combination between a microphone and an amplifier and its purpose would be to generate a lot of applications for hearing aids and cell phones.

The company, which is responsible for the invention of this chip (Akustika) thinks that the new chip will be very effective in applications in fields where space constraints and performance demands are very important. One of the major reasons why this break through is expected would be the relatively low price of this microphone amp. There has been designed another chip, a sort of an analog chip which is a multimembrane IC which is made of 64 micromachined condenser microphones


Some of the special features of this chip are its omnidirectional performance, which presuppose a sensitivity of -40 to +4 dB and a very proficient sound pressure level. The microphone amp’s frequency range is also of great capacity going from 100 Hz to 10,000 kHz. This chip functions like every other similar device from a 3-5V supply and it doesn’t consume more than 130 µA. This microphone amp is thought to be the device that will push the microphone technology ahead, because due to its level of performance it requires more advanced microphones than those that are used today.

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