The Microphone Amplifier - characteristics

A microphone amplifier is a circuit, which is characterized by its use of low impedance microphones. This amplifier works with voltages between 9-30VDC. One should pay attention while building or using this amp because if T1 is not used at the impedance adapter part, the circuit may result in a microphone amplifier for higher impedance microphones.

The amplifier is designed in such a way that it can be used both with phono-jack microphones and balanced XLR inputs. This characteristic is very important because it gives the mic amp an optimum impendence and noise characteristics. There is a very large number of high-performance amplifiers on the market today. The profile companies offer a complete portfolio, which contains operating amplifiers starting from building block chips to specific standard products. This offer also includes some items like precision, high-speed, low-power and low-voltage amplifiers.

Options and characteristics

The special characteristics of a microphone amplifier are its two-channel amplifier and its connection to any System 3 device. It also has a very good variable gain and the toggle switch provides additional gain for a maximum amplification. Other features of interest in a microphone amplifier would be that it can amplify simultaneously signals coming from two different microphones and that its bias switch is especially created for microphones that require a bias voltage. And not the least important feature - its special design that gives the microphone amplifier the possibility to work with both phono-jack microphones and XLR inputs.

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