Guide to Microphone Cords.

Microphone cords come in many styles, each one suited to a particular type of microphone and use. There are various types of microphone available on the market today.

Some are cordless but those are generally a bit more expensive than the corded models. The microphones that have cords are generally a bit cheaper and will be able to suit most purposes just fine.

Make sure you purchase microphone cords that are suitable for your intended use. If you will be using them indoors in areas such as concert halls or auditoriums, you can go with a slightly less sturdy model since they will not be exposed to the elements or stepped on. However, if you are using them outdoors and there may be a chance for people to step on them or they may be exposed to the sun or even rain, you should consider one of the more durable cords for the microphone.

Microphone cords that are used for indoor use are often smaller and more flexible. This is so singers and musicians can walk around with them easily and move. Make sure, though, that you get sufficient lengths for your application. If you are stationary this is not nearly as important as if you will be walking around with the microphone or moving a lot. Most come in lengths ranging from five to one hundred feet.

Microphone cords come in a variety of colors as well. While black is the most popular color other colors can be used to organize cables. You can be very organized and color code your cords so they are neat and easy to find and set up when you need them. You can also use various color to just give a playful look to your set.

Whether you are using microphone cords in the studio or using them for personal use, you should make sure you have a good quality cord. There is nothing worse than not having your microphone hooked up properly because it will cause distortion and will cut out periodically. Make sure they have tight connections that are not prone to come loose. Also, make sure to replace old and worn out cords. They should last a fair amount of time if stored properly and are well cared for but they can break down with age. Choose the microphone cords that best suit your purposes and will last you a long time.
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