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I am a female vocalist and use an AKG D790. I used an SM85 for years and really had great luck with it. The D790 is a comparable mic in terms of dynamic response. I have been working with a band who has decided to "utilize" a band spouse as sound engineer on the gigs(to save money, I guess). This person has no experience running sound and does not have any kind of background in sound. We gigged (outside)Sat and my D790 had feedback issues. This mic has a strong signal and generally works most efficiently with lower monitor volume to help with feedback issues. As is universal in most cases, our stage volume increases from an already loud stage volume as the night goes on. NOrmally, I am very comfortable utilzing the mains to track my vocals, so I don't really need a lot of monitor volume. I have a very strong voice... But, in this particular band, there is a sax player who's monitor volume is always very loud (nothing I can do about it because he owns the PA) and the dynamic frequency makes it difficult to hear my voice, sometimes. Same issue with the piano player's volume...Anyway, is there some advice you could provide that might help me help them in solving the feedback issue. Telling the guys to turn down won't result in a solution.

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Dec 20, 2010
Get an Audix
by: Anonymous

When I play live, I ONLY let singers use Audix mics. They don't feedback. Really. 58s will howl next to a whisper quiet Audix. I've used EVs, ATs, AKGs, Sennheisers, Shures, you name it. Audix is the only way to go for feedback suppression. You can pick up an OM2 for 60 - 100 dollars. Though the OM 6 does sound a bit better IMHO.

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