Microphone for Vocals – making the right choice

The microphone for vocals is actually the so-called standard microphone or the hand-held microphone.

This type of mic can be designed as hardwired or wireless. The vocal mic is tuned in such a way that it can accentuate the clarity of both leading vocals and backing vocals. This type of microphone is usually designed as a uni-directional, so called cardioid (named after its heart shape), dynamic mic. It is especially created for professional use and it can be used with great success in live performances, studio recording, but also in sound reinforcement.

The microphone for vocals has a spherical filter attached. Lately this accessory appears more as a built-in filter, which has a great effect in minimizing wind – it functions as a windshield, but it is more effective. This item also functions as a pop filter, reducing breath and environment unnecessary noise. The main function of the cardioid pattern is to isolate the main sound source (in our case the human voice) and to reduce the clarity of the unwanted background noise.


The special characteristics of the microphone for vocals is that it has a rugged construction and a shock mount system. Also, it is provided with a steel mesh grille which has the capacity to ensure that even if roughly handled, the microphone would be able to perform consistently. This microphone performs beautifully in any circumstance – outdoors or indoors, used for singing or for speech – whatever the choice of the professional is.

As singers need a good microphone to rely on while performing, the microphone for vocals has been created especially to satisfy their needs. The supercardioid pattern is the ultimate design for such a microphone and it makes the voice cut through the mixer more smoothly. This item is the best choice for a professional when exceptional performance is required of him/her.

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