Microphone parts, accessories, and other components.

This material’s purpose is to present a selection of the microphone parts and related items that are available on the market.

The first item to be presented is the microphone unit. Its usual dimensions are of 6.0x2.2mm, it has a very good sensitivity and an optimum frequency range. It also has an omnidirectional directivity and it functions at the standard operation voltage.

The second item would be the microphone cable. The special features are its insulation and material which are made of 2.60 polyethylene or 1.50 polyethylene white or blue.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the shields can be made either of bare copper and that they serve 90% shield coverage or of tinned copper which serve 95% shield coverage.

Accessories and other components

Other microphone parts are the microphone components and accessories. A really important microphone item is the electret condenser. Its special features are: varied directivity (omni, uni, noise canceling), great sensitivity, extremely low impendence and multiple connection possibilities – solder type, non-solder type and pin type.

There is also another type of microphone parts and these are called “micro parts”. They consist of micro precision metal items, which are used for the electronic devices. These parts are used for example as applications for H.D., I.C., hand-phone, miscellaneous.

The last item of the mic parts to be presented here is the tube for microphone. This tube is made of some flexible stainless steel whose armored cord is especially designed to protect the inside wires.

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