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  • AKG Microphones
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  • Condenser Microphones
  • Cordless Microphones
  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Headset Microphones
  • History of Microphones
  • Karaoke Microphones
  • Karaoke Wireless Microphones
  • Lapel Microphones
  • Magic Microphones
  • PC Microphones
  • Sennheiser Microphones
  • Shure Microphones
  • Microphones Stands
  • Throat Microphones
  • USB Microphones
  • Vintage Microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wireless Microphone Systems

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    What Microphone Should I use on a boom setup to record short films? 
    I am working for an up and coming media company who has done mostly music videos to this point (no audio recording necessary) but now we are moving into …

    Value Range for Turner Dynamic 101A 
    I have a Turner Dynamic 101A microphone, Serial Number 1215, HI impedance. Would like to sell it, but don't really know much about these items. What …

    Accordion microphone 
    How do i replace a microphone in an accordion? My dad has an accordion that appears to have been retrofitted with some kind of microphone. I could …

    shure microphone part 
    Re:SM 58 wireless microphone I dropped my mike and the on/off switch mecanism cover came off and the on/off buttons beneath the cover must have been spring …

    Shure SM57  
    I have a Shure SM57 mic that barely makes a peep through a Peavey Envoy 110 Guitar Amp. I borrowed a $15 Walmart microphone from a friend, plugged …

    what mic should i use to record the vibrations of ie a chain fence or a window  
    i am a composer for theatre and i have been asked to do a community project involving a new theatre community centre i thought it would be a cool idea …

    Can I convert a Shure SM58 corded microphone to cordless? 
    Can I convert a Shure SM58 corded microphone to cordless? - When I went to the shop...the cordless model was not available and as I was in a hurry...I …

    What microphone is Jack White using in this recording? 
    Here's a link to a video with a film of Jack White recording and singing into a microphone during recording: http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/425786/exclusive-jack-whi …

    CAD Trion 8000 Change tube socket - pentode to 6072a? 
    Hey, guys...girls... Just had a great experience making an ELA m251 out of an Apex 460 w/Peluso cek12/6072am/Phillips mylar coupling cap/WIMAS tuned …

    old fashioned microphone...HELP! 
    im looking for an old fashioned microphone like the picture. does anybody know if it has a particular name?? can they still be purchased?? thanx for …

    Shure sm58 through Marshall AVT150X 
    I've just received my Shure sm58 and i assumed i would have enough volume from my 150-Watt ValveState guitar amp. But it turns out that the only way for …

    Budget outside microphone 
    I'd like to record someone speaking clearly in a forest but still be able to have the forest sounds recorded without drowning out the speaker. I'm not …

    Difference between channel P/R,& B/D on a wireless system 
    What is the difference between channel P/R,& B/D on a wireless system. I need an urgent answer.

    Microphone Feedback 
    Hi, I am a female vocalist and use an AKG D790. I used an SM85 for years and really had great luck with it. The D790 is a comparable mic in terms of …

    i am in my teens and me and my friend want to start singing togethe we dont have enough money to buy all the recording equipment we were wondering if we …

    camcorder mike 
    I have a Canon ZR 800 for classroom use (Low Budget!) and have not been able find an external microphone. I replaced the previous camcorder because this …

    Private Microphone 
    I am looking for a mic that will allow me to record in public places like on a plane or subway...kind of like a court reporter mic that covers your mouth. …

    Roadking 56 
    I have a road king 56 mic that functioned fine on my cobra 29 radio. I got a Galaxy DX 959(it was tuned, peaked etc) by the dealer. Great receive and …

    Hand held mike 
    Is there a mike that doesn't need an outside amplifier?

    Singing Microphone 
    Could someone tell me what type of microphone is best for recording singing with Acid Music Studio, for use at home? It is intended for recording singing …

    Microphone For Vocal And Guitar 
    What do you suggest for home studio recording for 1 Vocal 2 Guitar (Electric, acoustic and bass) (I dont know how to group them, feel free to …

    How do I turn my laptop into a PA system? 
    I teach school and use a laptop and a Smartboard. I am always having to speak very loudly to be heard and when students speak, most of the time they cannot …

    simple machines 
    i am trying to figure out what simple machine the on and off switch of a microphone would be

    versatile home studio microphone Not rated yet
    I play flute/piccolo, recorder consort, violin/viola, and piano, and I am also a bass singer. I like to record myself at home, in every instrumentation …

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    How to use a bluetooth Andrea BT-201 microphone for giving lectures Not rated yet
    I just bought a BT-201 bluetooth headset Andrea microphone. The idea is to connect it to my notebook and then connect the notebook to the sound amplification …

    Wireless mic selection - need help!!! Not rated yet
    Hi! I am planning to throw a karaoke party, and here is what I bought so far: 1. Karaoke Player software that can play CDG and DVD karaoke 2. …

    Microphone for Flute? Not rated yet
    Hi My daughter plays the flute and is beginning to compete more and more. She is in the final of a big talent competition on Friday but as this is for …

    Microphone Model Astatic 335H-46?? Not rated yet
    Good Morning, Can you tell me anything about this Mic? Microphone Model Astatic 335H-46 thanks, Bob

    Suitable Sound Card for AKG D55S Dynamic Microphone? Not rated yet
    I got a AKG D55S dynamic microphone but it sounds my sound card is old and doesn't support this new AKG D55S microphone the voice that was recording was …

    recording loud band Not rated yet
    I have a sony pd 150 video camera and have a gig in a few weeks to record a band in a night club. Can't hook to soundboard so i have to have a mic that …

    Cordless microphone system flexibility Not rated yet
    Is it possible to have a multi cordless microphone system that can plug into an existing permenent mixer/amp system with zone speakers serving different …

    Microphone "sleeves"? Not rated yet
    What is the square piece of plastic called that has the radio or TV station ID on it and sits close to the top of a microphone?

    Home Studio Mic Not rated yet
    I have a Beringer XEYNX 2222USB Mixer and i was wondering what was the best Mic for vocals at home in fairly small room to enable us the best quality.

    Multiple mic operation Not rated yet
    How can I operate 2 microphones at the same time on my PC? One of my mics is usb the other is a 1/8 inch rca. Is there software that would act as a mixer …

    Will a crown cm 700 microphone work for a speaker at a church? Not rated yet
    The church I attend uses a sm58 for the worship leader. It's OK but when less experienced people speak they dont point the mic toward them or talk close …

    Microphone Amplification Using Home Stereo Receiver Not rated yet
    How can i amplify the sound of a harmonica using a microphone plugged into a home stereo receiver and speakers?

    camera microphone Not rated yet
    trying to find out if I can get a wireless microphone to a casio fh 25 dslr camera for the purpose of recording a video with clear sound.

    2 mics with all needful equipment for lecture Not rated yet
    Hi, we want to buy 2 wireless microphones and all suitable equipment for conference/lecture. Our budget is 250$. Please give me best solutions for buying, …

    Wired Mic to Speaker Not rated yet
    I would like to have a wired mic to speaker system. Mic to pick up sound in a 30 sq. ft. area to be received in a speaker in another room, 120 ft. away. …

    Microphone Options for Recording Automobiles in Action Not rated yet
    Hello all, I am interested in assembling a portable, stand alone setup that will allow me to make quality recordings both inside and outside of a vehicle …

    1876/80 era microphones Not rated yet
    I would like to find a picture of an 1876/80 microphone. Also, who were they sold to and the price after the initial price to Bell for $50,000? What kind …

    trailing leads versus ceiling microphone Not rated yet
    We wish to install a loop system for hearing aid users in the conference room of our small guest house. One rep has suggested a ceiling microphone, what …

    AKG CHM21; Recording or Performance? Not rated yet
    please can i use AKG CHM21 for a live choir performance? most write ups i have read about this equipment refers to it as being a 'recording' mic.

    ribbon microphone Not rated yet
    what is a ribbon microphone? how does it work?

    Best mid price range of studio vocal microphones Not rated yet
    What is the best mid price range of studio vocal Microphones

    microphone system for board meetings Not rated yet
    I am looking for a user friendly microphone system to use at board meetings of my local government in a small village. The room is about 80' x 80' with …

    Compatiable Mic. for a AKG WMS 400 System Not rated yet
    I need wireless micrphones to work with an AKG WMS 400 system. Looking to utilize 6 or more microphones in a public meeting setting for panel members

    Microphone Compatibility Not rated yet
    I have a Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard and Bose speaker system. I am looking for a wireless, headset microhone system that would be compatible with this system. …

    What is the suggested use for a Beyerdynamic m300n (c)? Not rated yet
    What are the suggested uses for a Beyer M300n c microphone?

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    first time buyer - microphone for recording Not rated yet
    Hi . I have just become interested in doing some home recording and am confused as to which type microphone should I use to record vocals and a small …

    wireless mic with built in fx? Not rated yet
    has anyone found a wireless mic with built in fx? someone should make one and market it,

    Microphone - best quality/price ratio? Not rated yet
    Hello From the experience of this whole community, what would be your best microphone for a sax tenor in terms of price/quality ratio. I'm not a professionnal, …

    Keys and noise Not rated yet
    Hello May be this is a stupid question but I'd like to get an answer about it :-) Is it possible, with some bad microsophone, to hear some noise …

    Keys and noise Not rated yet
    Hello May be this is a stupid question but I'd like to get an answer about it :-) Is it possible, with some bad microsophone, to hear some noise …

    record sound in a room Not rated yet
    a difficult question - I'm totally inexpert on audio devices... I'm setting up an art project - a sculpture with hidden inside a small PC, which should …

    Wireless mics Not rated yet
    I want to sing with a wireless mic and have reverb and other fx, is this possible? I may be a bit of a control freak, but I dont want to leave my guitar …

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