Microphone Rental – how to do it properly

In this article we are going to talk about the microphone rental. First, we are going to talk about renting in general.

Renting is an agreement, where a payment is made so that the payer can temporarily use a good, which is owned by another person company. Renting, can also, in various degrees, involve buying services like staying in a hotel, using a computer in an Internet cafe or even riding in a taxicab.

Here are some reasons for renting rather than buying: in some parts of the world such as Spain and the US renting is tax attractive, in the US the rental is deductible as a business expense; financial inadequacy, such as renting a good when unable to buy it; when you need a product only for a limited period of time as in case of special tools or trucks, this could also be the case of microphone rental; if you need a similar product that you already own but not in close proximity; when you need a cheaper alternative to buying for a good that you use only once or a few times, such as a movie.

Some merchants also have rent to own program especially for the more expensive items. Also, the merchant has to have a guarantee that his products are brought back, that is why you might be asked to follow some of these steps: showing an identity document, signing a contract or even pay a deposit. All the things mentioned above are available also for the microphone rental.

There are three types of microphones that are usually available for rent. We consider the wireless mic the best choice because it offers you the possibility to move freely. There is another type called the PZM (Pressure Zone Microphone), which is designed to sit on a flat surface and it can capture sounds from any direction. The microphone rental also offers the cardioid type, which is a directional mic and can be found in quite many models and it is created mainly for interview purposes.

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