Microphone Repair

This material is especially written for those who seek online microphone repair information.

The most frequent question that is addressed to web sites that are dealing with such things as microphone repair concerns the resources that are needed for the repair or refurbishment of the microphones. There are a lot of sites that offer online help, but the most accessed sites are the ones that advertise the repair or refurbishment of vintage microphones.

Unfortunately, the majority of the first class manufacturers of vintage microphones have gone out of business (e.g., Amperite, American, Turner, Universal). Others have chosen to quit microphone-manufacturing activities (e.g., RCA, Western Electric). But the case with most companies is that they have chosen to no longer service outdated, discontinued microphone models (e.g., Shure Brothers and Electro-Voice). This happened because these companies realized that by continuing this microphone repair business they were becoming their own most “fearful” competitors.

Company issues

In time there were a lot of people who followed complaints in this respect. Searching, they managed to find a wide range of certain individuals or commercial firms that were specialized in the microphone repair field. Accordingly, there have been made several attempts in order to establish a formal contact with these institutions. The main reason of these attempts was to obtain permission to make their existence public by naming the companies on web sites. But, unfortunately, the mic repair companies’ response has not been a positive one.

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