Microphone Reviews

This material consists of a brief presentation of a series of microphone reviews.

First, we are going to talk about the boundary-layer microphone. This kind of microphones are special because of their fundamental features which are the evenness and low-end extension of the microphone’s frequency response that usually depend on the boundary’s size. The pattern in which this mic is designed is generally hemispherical. The boundary-layer mic makes a smaller difference between the direct and indirect sounds than other mics. This is the case when we refer to the frequency response. Another thing about the boundary-level would be that the indoors sound contributes a lot to the audio that the mic captures.

Kickball mic

The next of our microphone reviews is going to be about the kickball microphone. This mic is especially designed for low-frequency applications. The kickball can be found in any of the microphone reviews due to its major qualities that consist of having a spherical shape and its being a dynamic microphone. It is very important to mention that this mic has a consistent frequency response. The acoustic balance of the kickball is also remarkable and it safely handles the levels of sound pressure that are associated with drums, toms and bass.

The last item of our microphone reviews is the ribbon microphone. This type of mic is quite popular in the studio because it has an excellent capacity of response to the high and low sounds. The special feature of the ribbon is its flat-bottomed tube which is at the time grill-covered too. It also has a pill-shaped top that is fixed on an integrated yoke mount.

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