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This material consists of a presentation of some microphone software, more exactly of the microphone wireless system. This system offers a great RF performance and solid reliability. The advantage of this type of software is that it has an amazing control also in the large, networked systems.

It is very important to mention that this system filters through selected frequencies in order to increase the capability and to isolate from interference. This microphone software was especially created to save time while using the equipment either if it is a fixed installation or a touring sound application.

Another important feature of the wireless system is that it has an automatic frequency selection when talking about group scan.

Amateur and professional use

Many people, some professionals, have been of the opinion that the sound of a hardwired system is better than of the wireless one. This used to be true in the past, but today the ireless system has been improved up to a point that one can hardly tell the difference. This is because of its extremely clear audio features. It is able to eliminate wireless artifacts by using variable commanding ratio which is set to automatically respond to audio levels.

Because of this, the wireless microphone software can increase the dynamic range much farther than it used to do i the past. The wireless is available in two versions, the single or the dual one. Its special feature is that it has a flash memory that is capable of storing six 60 channel custom frequency groups. This microphone software also provides PC management of all system parameters.

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