The Microphone Splitter.

A microphone splitter will come in handy after you have been established for awhile. In the beginning stages of your band or sound system, you will likely have used single microphones to record and to amplify sound from a single point of reference.

However, as this evolves, it may become necessary to add multiple points of sound to your system. It will allow you to plug a microphone into different sound boards to make different mixes. This is convenient for different applications. You can use it in a performance to enhance the sound for the audience. In recording, you can have the live performance mixed in one way and have a separate mix for the recording that may filter out certain background noises and adjust different levels for a better recording.

Using a microphone splitter will usually occur after a band has been together for awhile and is ready to take that next leap into improving their equipment. A splitter can separate the mix up to four times but it is generally used for two or three times. When a band is ready to add mixing boards and start recording their music that is the time to get a splitter. You will have many more opportunities to create the recorded sound that you want and will be able to separate different aspects of the music and mix it differently.

A microphone splitter can be found in music stores and electronic stores. Anywhere microphones or sound engineering equipment is sold will likely have a splitter for your microphone. The Internet also has a vast array to choose from. You can conduct a search and research the various types that are available to determine which one is right for you and your band. A microphone splitter can cost anywhere from approximately fifty dollars all the way up to nearly three thousand dollars depending on the model and the features included. However, for most uses, the models that are in the one hundred dollar range will likely be suitable.

In addition to a microphone splitter, you will also need to have your appropriate mixing boards which can run fairly expensive. However, if you are serious about your music, it is likely going to be a sound investment. It will enable you to record a fuller sound to your music than you could do with a single microphone. If you are ready to upgrade your equipment to get a richer effect, a microphone splitter will do just that.
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