Microphone Tattoo Tips

In this article we are going to talk about the microphone tattoo. A tottoo is a design in ink or some other pigment.

It is usually made with a decorative or symbolic purpose and it is placed permanently under the skin. In more technical terms, tattooing is a micro-pigment implantation.

People who consider themselves to be tattoo fans refer to them as tats, art or work. This terminology is also supported by the mainstream art galleries that hold exhibitions of tattoo designs and photographs of tattoos. At these galleries you can also admire a lot of microphone tattoo models. The designs that are mass-produced and sold to artists and even studios are also known as "flash".

Having a tattoo has become very popular in the last decades in most parts of the world, especially in North America, Europe and Japan. Because of all the fine artists who have applied their skills to this art the tattooing has become quite respectable. People today feel much more at liberty to express themselves in this manner than they have a generation or two ago.

Movie stars, pop singers and even sports figures are usually tattooed. Generally they use themes from their field, many musicians, for example, having microphone tattoo models on their bodies.

In traditional cultures tattooing has enjoyed a resurgence, as native people came to be again, proud of their cultural heritage that once made them outcasts. Within traditional or even "tribal" cultures, a tattoo marks a person’s respect of their roots, and not a mark of defiance as it used to be considered.

Today, the modern electric tattoo machine is basically the same machine that was invented in 1891 by Samuel O'Reilly, and is based on an electric engraving pen, which was in its turn invented by Thomas Edison. In the end, we are going to mention that the most controversial microphone tattoo belongs to the rap interpret LL Cool J.

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