Microphone Volume levels

by Jo

Using a behringer PMP1000 mixer - Master volume is on high
Using twin prosound cordless mics (maplins £100.00) the receiver volumes on both mics are to the max - the chanel is on max and the gain is on max - if i reduce the volume because of feedback and have a weak singer you cant hear the singer - i have been told to change the lead which is currently jack to jack on the receiever to XLR

Do you think this would make a difference

All so confusing because the back of the receiver also offers 2 xlr inputs - would i need two leads and run the mics off separate channels on the mixer - this would give me more control over each mic but would it increase the volume levels on the mics.

I also use these same mics on another set with a behringer PMP3000 - and have no probs with mic volumes at all

maybe the smaller mixer cant cope with the volume

Can you help - does this make any sense

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