Microphone Windscreens

The microphone windscreens are available in many colors and there are also a lot of shapes and sizes from which you can choose from.

The purpose of the windscreen is to reduce in an effective manner the noise that can be produced by several sources like environment or any proximity effects. It is very well known that after a long note the breath is becoming heavier and it tends to eliminate sounds that are usually unwanted by the performer. This accessory is the one that keeps this noise from getting through preserving an excellent quality of the sound.

Usually, the microphone windscreens are made of a specially developed hypo-allergenic acoustical foam which is called “the sonic foam”. This foam has been especially engineered to protect the microphone’s frequency response while permitting the free passing of the sound energy. They have no acoustic importance, which means that they are acoustically transparent (no on-off hassles).

The microphone windscreens are especially designed to minimize the wind velocity, thing that eliminates the wind noise, “pop” noise and unwanted breath sounds. This accessory is vital for every microphone because it protects it from dust and physical damage exactly like an external windscreen. It is also indispensable for all outdoor use.

The microphone windscreen can also be water resistant, this type being treated with a water repellant spray and it keeps the liquids from entering the mic. The windscreen is the best choice for the performers that speak/sing very close into the mic because it keeps the mic from rushing sounds.

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