Mini Microphone – presentation and information.

In this material we are going to make a brief presentation of the mini microphone. It works the same as a standard microphone (a transducer, which converts sound into an electrical signal).

However, this device is very small and it can be affixed to a monitor, a computer case or it can be used as a tie clip microphone. Usually, this tiny device uses a cardioid condenser element, its frequency response is of approximately 20Hz – 16 Hz and its impendence is of 2 kOhm.

We are now going to describe a mini microphone with amplifier. The set is generally very small. The preamplifier’s features are that it reduces noise and it has high gain and auto level adjustment because of its on-board IC. The whole set is quite small and the amplifier is built-in. The output is usually line level and the voltage should require not more than 5-12 Volts DC. The set also includes a plug and a pay cable with a female or male RCA connector, depending on your choice. The female cable’s length is of 18 inches and the male’s is of 48 inches.

The best choice of a mini microphone would be the WMA-998 Mini Waistband Amplifier System from JWL, made in China. Its special features would be that it has tone control, it is also attached with rechargeable LED, its maximum power is of 5 W, its total harmonic distortion is of maximum 5%, its frequency response varies from 100Hz to 10kHz, +/-3dB, its operating temperature also varies from -10 degrees C to 45 degrees C, its power voltage is of 9 V DC, the output impedance is no more than 4 Ohm, the mini microphone in has a 3.5 jack, it also has microphone volume control, the audio in is also of 3:5 jack, and the color may be white, black, chromatic or gray, depending on your personal choice.

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