Music Studio Microphone

A music studio microphone is specially designed to pick up and record instruments. These models can be made and sold by many different companies, such as B&H. B&H offers great prices for their products, as well as a great selection so you can pick exactly what you want and need for your recording sessions. Other internet sites can give you tips for recording tricks that will help you in using the item your purchase. Many companies design, manufacture, and sell microphones for the studio that are affordable, not only to professionals but to amateurs as well. These models of microphones are specifically designed for the recording of orchestra, band, and piano music in a studio setting. There are many companies that have models that will satisfy your recording needs. Each company has amazing products that will give you what you need.

The Blue Microphone Company makes a music studio microphone that delivers amazing quality while looking very attractive as well. They have fourteen models, and while they can seem a bit on the expensive side, they can be afforded. Blue has authorized dealers that sell their microphones for the studio for prices that are quite a bit lower than their standard asking prices. Other companies, such as Shure and Red make a music studio microphone that is affordable. With Red you can even rent a microphone for your recording needs. These microphones, while specifically designed for recording instruments, need to be used in a quiet area or they will pick up sounds other than what you are trying to record. Many of them are unidirectional, but they are sensitive pieces of technology that are very capable of recording any sound that the come across.

Another manufacturer is the German company of Schoeps Mikrofones. This company has been making and improving microphones since the end of the Second World War. Schoeps microphones are mainly geared toward recording instruments, and they have a wide selection of microphones for purchase. They ship all over the world, and you can get their catalogs in any language that you need. They are among the top manufacturers of music studio microphone today, and their technology has been perfected over the last six decades. No matter whether you want to record a guitar or a saxophone, there is a music studio microphone that will suit your needs. Your studio deserves a music studio microphone that will deliver amazing quality for the life of the microphone itself.
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