The Nady Microphone

This material’s purpose is to present the latest Nady microphone.

Nady Systems has designed over the years a large number of electronic devices and it has been manufacturing wireless microphones since 1976. This company has been specialized on wireless microphones and has sold almost two million wireless systems in the whole world. Lately they have been also engineering products for the signal processing market and they also started to manufacture wired microphones.

What I am going to talk about in the next lines is the RSM-2 which is a Nady microphone for studio. It is created especially for use in the studio, but it is able to offer a natural sound. This mic is the one that you should choose in case you are recording vocals, acoustic instruments, orchestras or any live sound application. This microphone gives the professional sound of a usual ribbon mic, but it is also powerful and versatile. The special characteristics of the RSM-2 would be: the accurate response, the aluminum design which is represented by the extended low and high ends.

Another important feature of this Nady microphone is that its volume control is individual. This mic also has stereo mic setups through which it can isolate the sound by fixing the source in the principal axis of one microphone and the off-axis null of the other. The Nady microphone is made of the best materials, it has built-in an internal shock mount construction in order to offer the most professional structural integrity and an excellent reliability.

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