Noise Canceling Microphones

The noise canceling microphone is designed to improve the intelligibility of the speech and also it should minimize the noise from the surrounding environment which is transmitted by all communication systems.

This mic improves noise rejection in an excellent manner. During this process the mic ensures the real-time speech signal. The mic is a very important part of the acoustic equipment. Being used in the studio and also on stage it is very important that the mic should be able to eliminate the noise from different other sources.

Options and characteristics

The noise canceling microphone is created to be used close to the mouth and it has the great capacity to reject the ambient sound so that it won't be broadcast or recorded. This mic is the one that offers the best speech accuracy. The way the noise canceling is working is not very complicated, the explanation being that its housing (designed to have a second acoustical opening) allows noise to hit both sides of the diaphragm simultaneously. This way they are canceling each other out. When somebody is speaking/singing very closely into the microphone the diaphragm is hit by the voice on only one side, thus generating a very strong signal with as little ambient noise as possible.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the directivity and noise-canceling are not the same, but in any case they are very closely related. Noise canceling microphones are also of major necessity in the aircraft or noisy airport fields.   

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