The Old Fashioned Microphone

Do you remember an old fashioned microphone? Sometimes we forget the little things that may be buried in our memories such as the old microphones that used to be used for performances. These microphones used to bring people laughter, terror, and intrigue or even breathless fascination with an artist, comedian or singer. The artists of the past and even some who are still around today used to use these old microphones to entertain people all over the world. We have a come a long way from the cumbersome microphones of the older generation but they still evoke a romance that is reminiscent of a time gone by.

Who can forget such incredible performances such as Marilyn Monroe crooning breathlessly into her old fashioned microphone, dressed in a filmy, almost decadent dress for the time? A microphone that was an old fashioned style brought us terror and heart pounding excitement in the days of Twilight Zone with Rod Sterling paving the way into science fiction in a way we never imagined possible. Recently we were treated soon to new episodes of this timeless treat with outstanding actors and actresses of today, such as Jane Seymour and Lou Diamond Phillips.

An Old fashioned Microphone introduced us to Walter “Radar “ O’Rielly the beloved teddy bear carrying, miracle working, MASH character played by Gary Burghoff that taught us all the true meaning of the word “incoming” for well over a decade. Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam also relied on an old fashioned microphone to bring us not only tears and laughter but a true compassion for our servicemen who spend their lives, too often quite literally, protecting and serving our country.

Chevy Chase , Dan Akroyd and John Belushi all used an old fashioned microphone to entertain and delight us on Saturday Night Live. Chevy brought us “the news” with his sarcastic wit making fun out of completely boring and stuffy political figures and of course the dark sun glassed duo of the Blues Brothers is legendary. Beginning as a spoof on SNL but becoming so popular that the spoof spawned a complete movie and a cult following that will most likely be there for years to come. An old fashioned microphone sets off fond memories of generations past and the television, radio and entertainment that were brought forth through them. They may play a much bigger part in our memories then anyone would have thought. Return to microphones homepage.

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