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As time changes and technology becomes more advanced an old microphone is becoming collector’s items and nearly obsolete. These collector’s items range in age from a century old up to just a few decades old.

An old microphone can be passed down as an heirloom or can be sold on an auction site to make some profit if you are not bothered about keeping them. The highest price that one of these items has gone for was nearly two thousand dollars on a website auction. These products can, however, be kept and maintained and their value will increase as the years go by.

The first microphone was made in 1876 for the first telephones. However, by 1878 these liquid models of old microphone were considered to not be effective enough, and a carbon prototype was developed and manufactured. Nearly seventy years later the radio was invented, and with it came the ribbon microphone made by RCA. Carbon microphones are still used today though the technology has significantly advanced. In 1964, the first round of electric microphones came into play, and a little over six years later the condenser and dynamic models were manufactured and put on the market offering lower sound sensitivity and the ability to record clear sound. The old microphone is now obsolete.

Vintage microphones are worth a pretty penny nowadays and if they have been properly cared for they are worth even more. If you collect old radios and microphones, buying a microphone from the mid-twentieth century can be a great find to add to your collection of antiques. If you already own an old microphone but are not sure if it is going to be worth anything, an antique’s dealer will be able to give you an appraisal. While the microphones from the mid-sixties and seventies won’t be worth much right now, if you own a microphone from the forties and fifties, those will sell much better at auctions.

Another thing to think of when collecting or selling an old microphone is that many museums, antique stores, and private dealers will pay the asking price or more. They sometimes have a hard time finding microphones that are old yet in good condition, and often times it will cost more to restore the old one than it actually cost. Whether you want to keep it or sell it, taking good care of an older microphone will increase its value. If you want to start collecting microphones, then it is best to look both online and off in order to find a quality antique microphone.
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