Omni directional Microphones

There are two major categories of microphones: the unidirectional and the omni directional microphones. The quality of the omni directional is that it can record sounds from any direction. This thing is possible because the central position of the electronic pick-up. This type of mics are rapidly recognized because of their original rounded ends (the unidirectional usually end flat).

The electronic devices of the omni directional are in most cases protected by a mesh bulb that doesn’t permit anything to enter inside and endanger the filament. Some omni directional microphones are even covered with a foam rubber material so that the protection is more complete.

Usage and maintenance

The omni directional microphones are generally used in activities involving larger groups (singers or instrumentalists). The most efficient thing about it is that it can be held in any position and it still amplifies, it can also be suspended if necessary. It must be mentioned that this is not the case with the unidirectional mic that require that the singer/instrumentalist should adjust to its position.

These mics also have some drawbacks and it is only fair that we should mention them. The first thing would be that this microphone can’t distinguish between wanted and unwanted sounds, thus noise from the environment is possible to be picked up and amplified.

The second thing that involves a certain degree of risk when using omni directional microphones is the triangle that is formed among the microphone, performer and speakers. The risk comes when the mic is placed too close to the speakers. The result is an unpleasant one because the noise is picked back and then fed back into the mixer again being amplified again.

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