Piano Microphone Guide

Today, the technology exists for a piano microphone and is used throughout the world to record and amplify the graceful sounds.

Throughout the course of history, though, pianos without microphones have been used to compose and play the most gorgeous arrangements by the likes of Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky. When they composed their music back then, there was no technology such as microphones to amplify the sound of their music wafting from the lids of the grand pianos.

You can now find a piano microphone in churches, auditoriums, concert halls, and amphitheaters. Since the times of Bach and Tchaikovsky, people of all ages have started composing and recording their own music as well as recording the works of the great composers. Amplification has gotten easier over the years. When Bach and the others composed their works of genius, the only way they had to use to amplify was by hitting the keys harder and harder. This caused arthritis and sore fingers but today we can use a piano microphone so that we don’t need to pound the keys unless it is called for in the score.

There are two types of piano microphone. The first is a microphone that is placed directly into the piano itself. The other is a microphone that is held under the cover of the piano by a stand. Both types will adequately amplify the sound coming from the piano and both will also provide adequate quality in order to record. Due to the reverberation that the cover of a grand or baby grand piano creates, either style of piano microphone will pick up the sound and deliver it in a nice quality of sound. Recordings will sound better, and amplifications will make the listener feel as if they are sitting next to the piano being played.

There are microphones to be used with a piano that are also designed for home and school. These styles of piano microphone are smaller and are meant to fit in your standard upright piano. So if you are playing for a school or home concert, these will be perfect. Prices range from forty dollars and up and all models are perfect for use with nearly any type of piano. Stands may make the price increase slightly but the average price of microphone stands are about thirty dollars and are pretty sturdy. Whether you are playing a grand piano in front of a huge audience, or simply recording your demo CD in your home, there is a perfect model of microphone on the market for your piano.

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