How to Choose a Portable Microphone

In this article we are going to talk about the portable microphone. This type of mic has a clip that makes it possible for it to be attached to collar or pocket for hands free communication.

This device is considered to be an ideal item for the notebook users. Its compact size is always a plus especially because it is usable from any location.

This mic is suitable for MSN messenger, video conferencing, internet phone and even online gaming. Other features of the portable microphone would be that it is attached with an extra holder that has adhesive tape so that it can be stored or used on the desktop monitor, it has a standard 3.5 mm plug, 1.8 m wire and its size is of 46 (H) x 35 (W) x 23 (D).

This device is very often used together with a preamplifier. This circuit is intended to provide home stereo amplifiers with a microphone input. By using a stereo portable microphone the circuit must be doubled. Thus, 2 separate level controls are definitely better than a dual-ganged stereo potentiometer. Also, the low current drawing, approximately 2mA, ensures a long battery life. The whole circuit is based on a low noise, high gain 2 stage PNP and NPN transistor amplifier. In order to stabilize the conditions very good the circuit uses DC negative feedback through R6.

The output level is also attenuated by P1 and, at the same time, the stage gain is lowered because of the increased value of R5. The connection of P1 is necessary because helps in obtaining a high headroom input and it also allows the system to cope with a wide range of input sources. The maximum input voltage of the portable microphone, when the level control cursor is set at maximum is of 25mV RMS and when the cursor is set at center position the maximum voltage is of 200mV RMS.

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