quality lapel microphone for hearing aid users

by ervin
(nashville,tn usa)

I wear Oticon Hearing aids, The come with a "streamer" a small device worn around the neck to allow you to listen to t.v, cell phone, via bluetooth wireless connections from streamer to aids.

My hearing loss is severe, and I bought a F.M. small system that comes in 2 parts. A transmitting part that comes with what appears is a very basic 5 dollar microphone, which picks up the speakers voice and transmits by f.m. to a small separate f.m. receiver, that plugs nto the streamer. This increases the volume which is delivered to the hearing aid via bluetooth.

I would like a better quality lapel mic, with a 3.5 mm male plug, 3 feet of wire from mic to connectng plug. Confusing, but maybe someone can help.

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