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Throughout the last century, radio microphone technology has been advancing rapidly. Radio technology has been advancing from short wave broadcasts to wide range.

With this advance in technology has come the need for more advanced microphone types. From the old styles that picked up every sound around them to the new unidirectional styles that pick up nothing but the sound in front of them. The advances in these types of technology are phenomenal, and the need for these tools is greater today than ever.

Radio shows today do everything from in studio to out on the street broadcasts. With these types of venues, you need to have microphones that are specifically designed to withstand anything. The companies that manufacture the radio microphone can sometimes offer huge discounts, warranties for the life of the microphone, and even free technical support and phone numbers in case the electronics malfunction. When purchasing a microphone for whatever your needs may be, make sure that you can find one with a warranty and a technical support number. This will ensure that you get the maximum life out of your microphone.

The prices for these powerful gadgets can range from just under eighty dollars for the smaller versions of radio microphone and can hit prices as high as one thousand dollars a piece for the more professional styles and models. Depending on what your need is there is a model out there that will satisfy whatever use you may have. Today’s radio stations carry the heavier models of radio microphone because they need models that are unidirectional. Unidirectional microphones are ideal for in studio broadcasts because broadcasters do not want to have to worry about broadcasting unwanted sounds or accidental profanity. However, if you plan on either recording or broadcasting music or any other type of performance, a unidirectional microphone will enhance the quality of those broadcasts.

However, if you want to purchase a radio microphone for theater and drama purposes, you are not going to want to purchase a unidirectional model. Instead, you would want to purchase a uni-point model. These models of microphone are easily hung and record all noise that is in the direction that they are pointed in, but not just one specific person or thing. These smaller models cost around one hundred dollars a piece and if bought in bulk can carry hefty warranties that will cover installation, parts, labor, and technical support. So, whatever your need may be, there is a radio microphone that is designed for your purpose.
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