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A recording studio microphone is believed to be the most expensive type of microphone next to movie sound effects models. There are numerous models available. One Internet site lists twenty different models of them. These models, while somewhat expensive, deliver amazing quality recordings and are geared to pick up the even the softest voice that is put in front of them. These microphones used in the recoding studio range from foam or fur covered boom microphones for sound effects to windscreen protected microphones for recording vocals or voice-overs. It does not matter what the use for the equipment is, there are several models that will be perfect for in home recording. The models to choose from range from large to small, and the prices vary just as much.

A recording studio microphone can be put in home recording studios in order to record the most professional sounding demo discs or tape for your band or for vocal recording. They can be put on boom stands or can simply be held by your basic microphone stands. Most studio microphones are not wireless, as it is believed that by keeping a cord on the microphone, the sound quality and clarity will be much more pronounced. There are eight different types of recording studio microphone, each delivering great quality sound. Depending upon the type of studio microphone used for recording that you decide to buy, the prices range from just over two hundred dollars to thousands of dollars a piece. These prices are without stands, cords, or anything else that you might need.

Rode and Audio Technica make the highest quality recording studio microphone types, and while they are a bit on the expensive side, they will make your recordings sound like they were done in a professional studio. There are also recording studio microphone types that look and feel like the old style microphones that were used in the late 1930’s and 1940’s to give you a somewhat vintage look and feel while you are recording. There are other companies such as Shure and Blue that make nice looking microphones that deliver an amazing sound quality. Blue microphones are small and come in cool colors and sizes to fit your mood, and Shure microphones are generally one of two colors and are more suited to simply fit your needs. Each company has their reputation of making the best recording studio microphone, however, you can choose for yourself what company has the best make, model, and color for you. Return to studio microphone homepage.

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