Roadking 56

by Walt
(Union, NJ USA)

I have a road king 56 mic that functioned fine on my cobra 29 radio. I got a Galaxy DX 959(it was tuned, peaked etc) by the dealer. Great receive and like the radio. When I use the RK 56 people tell me my signal is strong but I have low audio(mic gain all the way up) Any suggestions.

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Feb 23, 2009
RK 56 too quiet
by: Anonymous

I just replaced the stock mic on my Galaxy, also tweaked/tuned and had great sound with the stock mic. The mic quit working so I got a Road King RK 56 at Iowa 80 and I also noticed immediately that it's quiet as hell, even with talk-back on high and mic gain all the way up, I could hardly hear it. I had been using a cheapo mic temporarily that came with my company-provided CB that I keep in my overhead storage compartment. That cheapo mic was really loud, I had to turn my talk-back OFF or it would cause feedback.

Today on my way home I figured out the problem. The RK 56 is apparently designed for use by the guys who like to slobber all over the mic. When I hold the mic 2 or 3 inches from my mouth, people can barely hear me. That's how I USUALLY hold a mic, I turn the mic so I'm talking ACROSS it instead of directly INTO it, so I don't blow on the mic, and people can understand me better. But with this RK 56, I have to point it right at my mouth and hold it so my lips are just about touching the mic, and I'm much louder. I think it's the noise-cancelling.

An "omni-directional" mic is the kind you would bug a room with, that'll pick up conversations from 10 feet away. That's not good for a CB because it'll pick up the cab and engine noise, so on CBs they use a "uni-directional" mic that won't pick up your voice unless you're talking directly into it. In the case of this RK 56, the
"uni-directional" characteristics seem to be a bit more defined, probably to block out cab noise and stuff.

You'll just have to get used to holding the mic closer to your mouth and use talk-back so you can learn how to speak into it without blowing on the mic, so people can understand you.

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