Samson Microphone – features and presentation

In this material we are going to make a brief presentation of the Samson microphone.

First, we are going to talk about the Samson Investment Company, which is a privately held exploration and production company. The company began its activity in the year 1971 and it became a very well known producer on the electronics market. Samson Investment has a business philosophy that makes them stay on top for many years. They utilize an innovative technology and expertise to find and implement new opportunities, they also take prudent financial risks and apply expert operational and financial skills to efficiently manage their asset base.

There are 2 main types of Samson microphones: the drum microphones and the studio microphones. The best choice of a drum mic would be the Q Snare mic, which has a high SPL dynamic mic in a rugged casing. Its other features are: it has a cardioid polar pattern, which reduces the feedback; it has smooth and flat frequency response; it is voiced particularly for snare drums; it has rigid rim-mount DMC-100 mic clip with cable management included.

Also, the best choice for studio microphones would be the CL8-Multi-pattern Studio Condenser Mic. It has a true capacitor condenser mic that has attached dual 1.1-inch, very thin gold spluttered diaphragm capsules, which give the Samson microphone the ability of multi pattern operation. Its capacitor-based elements are very warm, bright and big sounding and this is why it is able to faithfully reproduce a variety of sound sources with an amazing clarity and detail. It is also attached with a switchable super cardioid, omni and figure-8 pickup patterns. Another interesting thing about this Samson microphone is that it has a switchable hi-pass filter of 12dB per octave at 100 Hz.

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