Is a Samson USB Microphone right for you?

The Samson USB microphone entered into the world of Mac computers by releasing their C01U which is a large condenser microphone that has the flexibility of using a USB adapter instead of having the need to hook up power supplies and wires. The USB microphone that are made for a Mac computer generally come in very inexpensive models with the type of performance one would expect from a cheap microphone to the very large, expensive models that perform well but will cost a fortune. The C01U offers a middle ground for a good quality microphone that will still be affordable. The Co1U retails at approximately eighty dollars and comes included with stand adapter, cable and software.

The Samson USB microphone is based on the technology of the Sampson C01 condenser microphone. The microphone itself is large and heavy with a sturdy case. There is no access to the internal workings of the microphone. The Samson USB microphone comes with a ten foot cable so you can have plenty of range of motion. For people who want a longer range, there will need to be a USB adapter used to extend the cord. You can not use existing cables with the microphone if they are not USB cables. The Samson USB microphone can use a USB hub fairly well but it may not be practical for extended use. The user manual is twelve pages and an easy read to answer any questions on set up and use.

The one accessory that is not found with the Samson USB microphone that is recommended is the shock mount which will eliminate sound pick up of bumping against it or the floor.

The shock mount is an additional thirty dollars. The device is a plug and play apparatus and will not take a lot of effort to get the microphone to work properly. The software that comes with the Samson USB microphone will allow you to use the microphone immediately. However, you can download different effects from the Samson website. The microphone rated very well in comparison to other USB microphones on the market today. The USB adapter will allow you to use your computer in order to amplify and record words and music. For people who enjoy podcasting, this is a great microphone for that purpose. It is also great for amateur musicians and artists who like to record their music through their computer or who like to write songs via the computer. USB microphone homepage.

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