Sax Microphone Guide

If you play the saxophone seriously, you will at some point need a sax microphone. As with any other instrument, during recording or during a performance, it is important to get the clearest sound from the instrument to the audience.

A microphone used with the sax can help with this by amplifying the sound in a clear manner. This will be ideal for performances but is a necessity when recording your music.

Similarly to other microphones, ones designed specifically for the sax comes in both wired and wireless models. Often the decision is based on personal preference and budget. The way a sax microphone works is that it is attached to a clip that holds the microphone in place above the bell of the sax. When notes are played, these are amplified just as with any other type of musical instrument or a singer. Most models run from approximately two hundred to three hundred dollars. They generally also include the clip to attach the sax microphone to the sax and the wires.

An omni directional microphone for the sax is a popular type of microphone. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it is versatile. This can not only be used with a sax but with other instruments as well and can be easily changed from instrument to instrument by removing the clip. The clip on the sax microphone is reinforced and padded with rubber to absorb shock from vibrations and movement. The down side of the omni directional microphone is the possibility of feedback. If there are electrical instruments playing in the area and you stand too close to them, you may get feedback on the microphone. This is especially common with jazz and rock bands that use a sax with other electric instruments.

The way to avoid this is to use a directional sax microphone. This type of microphone will only capture a small range of play. If it is attached to the sax, only the sounds from the sax will be amplified. This will allow you to avoid any annoying feedback noise or distortion. You can usually point the microphone directly into the bell of the sax for maximum sound quality. A sax microphone will enhance the performance of the sax during concerts and performances. It is especially important for the serious musician. However, if you are recording music, use of a one of these microphones is essential. It will allow you to record clear music and allow you to mix the music appropriately without interference from background noises.
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