Choosing Your Shure Headset Microphone

In this article we are going to talk about Shure headset microphone. There are two models that drew our attention and these are the ones we are going to present.

The first model that we are going to describe here is the WH20. This model is a durable, light and also dynamic Shure headset microphone that is able to provide high-quality voice pick-up. The WH20 can be the perfect choice for the everyday mic users, such as sports instructors and performers, who need something secure while they have to deal with low visibility activities. The WH20 can be used in any voice application which requires reliability. This model has a unidirectional pick-up pattern (or cardioid), which makes possible the existence of a great feedback and also of a faultless isolation from ambient noise or other unnecessary sound sources, such as A/C, music and even loudspeakers.

The features of this Shure headset microphone are the following: it has natural frequency response, which can be compared with the quality of the well-known dynamic handheld vocal mics; it also has a great input level that has the ability to eliminate the the distortion; it can also be very resourcefully used at extreme temperatures and humidity.

The other model we are going to present is the WH30, which is also a light, rugged Shure headset microphone. This model is designed for vocal performers and also artists that play an instrument while having a vocal performance. The WH30 uses an electret condenser of great quality, which is considered to be the perfect choice for all those applications where freedom of movement, low visibility and sound quality are a must. It also has a cardioid pattern that provides isolation from other sound sources. The WH30 is the ideal for those whose first concern is mobility.

The most important features of this Shure headset microphone are the following: it has a faultless frequency response that makes the vocal range easier to be heard; it is also capable of providing high pressure sound level.

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