Shure SM57

by Paul
(Truro, Nova Scotia)

I have a Shure SM57 mic that barely makes a peep through a Peavey Envoy 110 Guitar Amp.

I borrowed a $15 Walmart microphone from a friend, plugged it in and it was MUCH louder.

As I understand, a preamp may compliment the sound but they're not required. Can someone help me understand what's going on?


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Nov 27, 2009
Your Walmart Cheapie Mike is just for karaoke!
by: Andrew Campbell

See response to the associated question "Shure SM58 through Marshall AVT150X" Your $15 Walmart Mike is probably a typical high output 'karaoke' model of modest quality whereas the Shure SM57 has a lower output level but offers greatly improved fidelity and quality with a wider frequency response, a smoother frequency response (much smaller output peaks and troughs) across the audio frequency spectrum and better suppression of unwanted feedback at high volume levels. This is an example of a classic design 'trade off'. If you are happy with the sound of the Walmart mike then use it. However for better fidelity and better freedom from unwanted feedback (howl around) particularly when the mike is hand held - once you have set up the Shure SM57 with a suitable mono mike mixer as a pre amplifier, you will find the smoother response of the Shure offers real acoustic benefits in the end.

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