Shure SM58 won't work with karaoke player

I just got a Shure SM58 as a gift. It came with the stand and cable but no amp so I bought an adapter to be able to plug into my 1/8 input on a free standing karaoke player I have hooked up to my stereo so I could use it for practice at home. I am a singer and I plan on purchasing an amp later, but thought this would work for now. But, there is no sound when I plug the mic into the karaoke player. The mic works when I plug it into my guitar amp but it is very low, so I know the mic works. My karaoke mic works fine on the karaoke player so I know everything is working there. They just don't want to work together! I really want to use this new mic....can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this? Thanks!!

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