Is A Shure Wireless Microphone Right For You?

Purchasing a Shure wireless microphone system could be the best purchase for a church, auditorium or other venue that needs good quality microphones of the wireless variety. They have high powered systems that can help to project the sounds that you want to project while helping keep the sound quality at a near perfect status. The PGX series of the Shure wireless microphone is one of the most popular and when the systems go on sale, it is prime time to make your purchase for your needs. Sales prices can knock nearly fifty percent off of these powerhouse systems, making that six hundred dollar system seem like a real steal.

There are several models in the Shure wireless microphone system collection. You can purchase lapel microphones that are perfect for lecturers as well as musicians, or you can purchase handheld models. Either way, you will be free to roam the stage in any way that you see fit. At nearly seven hundred dollars when not on sale, the Shure PGX14/Beta98H is one of their finest instrument microphones. It comes on a hinged joint and pivots to be arranged in the perfect spot to catch the sound of what is being played. It is battery powered, and is more appropriate to catch instruments like saxophones, trumpets and other wind instruments than a normal microphone in a stand.

The Shure PGX24/Beta58 is one of the more expensive handheld models of Shure wireless microphone system and tends to cost just over six hundred dollars when it is not placed on sale. It is meant mainly for vocal projection and recording purposes when it comes to performances or lectures. With the battery powered handheld transmitter, it is better than a lapel microphone when it comes to recording singing performances as the performer can move the microphone as it is needed depending on the power of their vocal chords in singing. It will project and record with superior quality that has come to be attached to the Shure wireless microphone system name.

The reason of need is the most important thing when it comes to purchasing a Shure wireless microphone system. They have many models that will suit your needs but you need to be sure when you choose. The nicest thing about the Shure Company is that they will sell you a one year extended warranty for about one hundred dollars. This means that you will have up to three years of warranty on your microphone system. However, the warranty is only for the person that purchased the system, so make sure that if you are the one purchasing, that you will be sticking around until the end of those three years. Compare your prices, and purchase the Shure wireless microphone system that suits your wants and needs. Wireless Microphone Homepage.

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