Sony camcorder microphone - a wide variety available.

Looking for a Sony camcorder microphone? There is a wide variety to choose from. They are easily available and the company is widely known for quality and service. It is always a safe bet to go with a company that has a good solid reputation for ingenuity and distinctive ideas. Ranging in price from about fifty five dollars on sale to approximately one hundred thirty dollars retail they can be found in almost every store selling camcorders and accessories as well as being able to purchase online direct from Sony. They are sold at all points of the globe in both retail outlets and online, e-commerce stores. You can also purchase used equipment at online auction sites.

A Sony camcorder microphone is attractively made to suit a wide variety of consumers. They vary from the least expensive Sony ECM HS1 Microphone that features an Intelligent Shoe where all you need do is point at what you wish to record and shoot away. It affords close up sound to go along with close up action. The smart little accessory does the thinking for you adjusting from within as it chats with the camcorder in your hand. The Sony camcorder microphone model Sony ECM-MSD1 Stereo Microphone for Cold Accessory Shoe is detachable and has zoom. It runs on a single alkaline battery and is only slightly more expensive. The Sony camcorder microphone, Camcorder Pro Quality 900MHz Camcorder Wireless Microphone (WCS-999) runs around one hundred and twenty dollars. It has a hundred degree range and two changeable frequencies. It has camera quick mount as well as a clip on microphone.

The Sony camcorder microphone, Unidirectional Camcorder Zoom Microphone (ECM-Z73C) comes with variable sound pickup from wide angle to zoom, reduced noise interference by means of a Phase tube system and has a gold-plated plug that is useable with any camcorder that has an audio plug in. Universal Camcorder Stereo Microphone (ECM-S930C) is a high quality stereo microphone with dynamic range and broad frequency reaction with double microphone capsules. It is capable of a 90 degree to one hundred and twenty degree directive angle with the added benefit of a two way power supply. It also can be used with any camcorder that carries an audio plug-in due to its gold plated plug-in.

Sony's ECM-Z37C Camcorder Microphone is a high quality stereo microphone with extensive frequency response, wide dynamic low noise range for producing video recordings amid breathtaking sound. The ECM-Z37C also features Super Uni-Directional pick-up that focuses on sound directly facing the microphone and eliminates irrelevant sounds, Phase-Tube Noise Reduction System that reduces pick-up of sounds the side of and behind the microphone and universally compatible with any typical camcorder accessory connection. A Sony camcorder microphone comes with a limited one year warranty for your buying protection. Camcorder Microphone Homepage.

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