The Spy Wireless Microphone

A spy wireless microphone was used by James Bond, the Pink Panther, and Johnny English, romanticized spies with their equipment and hidden cameras.

James Bond is easily the world’s most loved and revered television spy. He received all his equipment from Q, and always seemed to have exactly what he needed when he needed it. Today, however, you can be your own spy with your own wireless microphone transmitters. These little wonders can be in plain sight or hidden, it’s up to you. Just make sure that you know what you are doing before you make your purchase.

Today’s market for spy wireless microphones has increased due to people wanting to know what is going on in their business or home. Many models that are promoted for personal use in houses and businesses can cost as little as one hundred twenty dollars. These smaller spy wireless microphones are the perfect size to put in drawers, closets, purses, and briefcases. The sound quality is near perfect if being transmitted only a short distance, and if they are simply on to record what is going on, then they sound quality is even better.

However, if you are into doing some heavy duty spying, then a more expensive spy wireless microphone system will be needed. These larger models can cost up to four thousand dollars, however, the sound quality on them is almost impeccable. These models of wireless spy microphones are ideal if you want to spy on the executives on a floor several stories above you, or your best friend’s house to make sure that your significant other isn’t cheating on you. However, when buying your choice of spy wireless microphone, remember that there can be consequences if it is found.

Warranties vary as much as the prices do. The smaller spy wireless microphone sets tend not to carry more than a ninety day warranty that covers manufacturer parts and labor. The larger, more expensive models are built to last for years. However, these models tend to carry a more hefty warranty such as one year to five years coverage of manufacturer parts and labor. While the cheapest models tend to be small and some of the expensive models tend to be large, there are some tiny models that cost just as much as the large systems. These tiny models are barely bigger than the width and height of a quarter, but transmit the same amount of clear quality sound as their relatives.
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