Stereo Microphone Guide

Many people use a stereo microphone for several different purposes. However, their main use is to record orchestras, bands, ensembles, and solo musicians on location.

Their sizes can range from small to large and their prices range the same as well according to quality and size. Depending on what your desired use is for your stereo microphone, you can find a wide selection of them both online and in stores. They can be used for more than just recording. They can be set up to project sound at concerts just like regular ones.

Not only are they handy for musical groups, they are very handy for stage plays. A stereo microphone can be set up to catch the faintest stage whisper and the loudest audience applause. Placing a few of them strategically will project the desired amount of sound at high quality. They are instrumental when wanting to record an audio only version of the drama that is being played out on stage. This way, the recording can be placed onto a compact disc or an audio tape, and the quality is not going to be compromised.

As with any piece of technology, the most important thing that you worry about is whether or not you will be able to afford the stereo microphone in question. Pricing is done in a somewhat special way for a stereo microphone. If it is going to be used for personal aspirations, there are more cost efficient ones that can be bought for thirty dollars and up to one hundred dollars. However, if your aspiration is to use the microphone for larger projects like theater and performance halls, then the price goes up to one hundred fifty dollars and more. The reason behind the price increase is because these larger models tend to have longer warranties that cover a wider spectrum of problems.

The standard warranty that you will be offered when buying a stereo microphone will cover it anywhere from thirty days to a full year. These types of warranties, however, will only cover hardware malfunctions. So, if you happen to get the microphone wet and it sizzles, you will be out of luck and will need to buy a new one. When you buy a more professional style, the length of the warranty tends to cover a year or more. This type of warranty will also cover accidental damage like heat and water damages. So, take your time, compare prices, and always make sure that you buy the right microphone for your needs.
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