The Studio Condenser Microphone

A studio condenser microphone comes in two different kinds of models, one that is meant to be plugged directly into a sound system and one that is made to plug directly into your computer via a USB cable. Samson makes a nice, affordable version if you want to be able to record right onto your computer. For just under eighty dollars from certain internet sites, it can add the quality that you need during your recording sessions. However, Marshall makes vintage style ones that are made for sound systems. These types of microphones deliver amazing quality for recording and amplifying. There are numerous other companies and models to choose from. Prices differ from company to company; however, they are affordable to those who need them. However, the prices remain fairly low no matter what company you decide to go with for your purchase.

A studio condenser microphone has been around for nearly seven decades. Until recently, though, they were not readily available to people who wanted them for their home recording studios due to being so expensive. In an age where wireless technology seems to be dominating the electronic market, these types of microphones are not available with that type of technology. These types of microphones are believed to deliver better quality sound if the microphone is connected to the computer or sound system by a cord. When looking for a studio condenser microphone for your studio, comparing prices will help ensure that you get great quality for a decent price. Marshall’s line of vintage looking condenser microphones for the studio tend to run for about seventy dollars a piece, while Samson’s USB studio condenser microphones go for around eighty dollars.

Rode also makes a model that sells for nearly three hundred dollars, and are guaranteed to deliver the best sound quality out of all the companies that manufacture a studio condenser microphone. Many companies are deciding to stick with the vintage look for their models of condenser microphones for the studio. Another company is Audio Technica, their prices rival Rode’s as well as their quality. These types of microphone deliver amazing quality sound, no matter whether it is into your computer or into a system. While some companies have been making their microphones to look like newer models should, having a vintage style studio condenser microphone will give you a vintage feel while recording your music. You can choose which feel you need, and which microphone will best suit your needs. Return to condenser microphones homepage.

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