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Studio Project Microphone Company was started over forty years ago with their partner company 797 Audio. Their products have been listed among the best in their category, and they still make their products to look somewhat as they did when the company first started. Studio Project mics are built in two different series. There is the B series with three models, and there is the C series that has five models. Each model comes with windscreens, shock mounts, and some form of carrying case, a zipper bag or a metal case.

On the official Studio Project microphone internet site, the prices are listed in United States dollars, British pounds, and Euros. They ship to nearly every country, so no matter where you are you will be able to purchase a Studio Project microphone. Aside from the official internet site, there are Studio Project dealers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, as well as many other international dealers. This means that you can get a Studio Project mic that is perfect for you and your needs, and you don’t have to be specifically located in the country where they are manufactured.

All Studio Project microphones are relatively small and light weight. However, they deliver a heavy sound quality that is not rivaled by many. Studio Project does not just sell microphones, they have two other electronics on the market, and their internet site lists products that are in the works and are scheduled to come out soon, including more Studio Project mics. The B series microphones that they sell contain the cheapest microphone at just fewer than two hundred dollars, while the C series contains the most expensive at just fewer than one thousand dollars. Each Studio Project microphone is different; however, they are all guaranteed to give you a great quality of sound.

Great prices and great sound is what has made Studio Project popular amongst both the professional and amateur recording and amplifying venues. Their prices are among the top most competitive pricing on the market, making Studio Project mics the most desirable due to their pricing. Many comparisons say that the price of a Studio Project microphone is considerably less than what the quality of sound should cost. Studio Project places their emphasis on high quality products for prices that customers can actually afford. If you have a recording or amplifying project, and you want a good quality product for a cost efficient price, buying a Studio Project microphone will help you achieve your goals. Return to studio microphone homepage.

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