Tactical Microphones – tips and tricks

In this article we are going to talk about the Tactical microphones.

The Tactical Technology Collective’s aim is to strengthen the social technology, such as movements and networks in developing and transitioning countries as well as to promote civil society’s effective, conscious and creative use of new technologies.

The Tactical Tech is considered to stand at the crossroads of the civil society and the technology sectors. Its main aim is to build links between them and to help establish an accessible base line of Information Communication Technologies, which are needed by every civil society organization. They do this by organizing workshops and bringing together ICT advisers and social software developers with NGOs and activists.

They also create materials, guides and products (like 'NGO-in-a-Box') that promote and make accessible the use of low-cost/do-it-yourself technology and free and open-source software. Another thing about Tactical is that it builds community based technology expertise and consultancy to strengthen civil-society organizations. One of their products is the Tactical microphone. They believe that their new products have the potential to significantly expand the effectiveness and success of developing recording technologies.

We are now going to make a brief presentation of a Tactical microphone that we consider to be the best choice. The model’s name is the LGR-59 and it is perfect for studio recordings. It has a cardioid (unidirectional) pick-up pattern. Its special features are the following: its approximate weight is of 28 g, its operating temperature is from -30 to ~ +80 degrees C, its PTT operations are of > 1 million nominal, the sensitivity is of-38 ± 2 dB, the frequency range is of 100 Hz to 10 KHz.

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