The USB Microphone Driver

A USB microphone driver is necessary to run your microphone equipment from your computer. Whenever you install any type of hardware to your computer, you will need a driver. This includes printers, scanners, a mouse, digital cameras and web cams. So, when you get a microphone for your computer, the same hold true for that piece of equipment. In order for your computer to recognize that the hardware is there and to be able to allow you to use it properly, the driver must be installed first. Installation is typically easy and will not take a lot of technical knowledge. It will simply need to be added to your computer and you will need to walk through the instructions as they appear.

Installation of the USB microphone driver will typically mean you will need to install the disc that comes with the microphone. You will need to insert the USB microphone driver CD into your CD ROM drive and close it. Typically, the program will start on its own and walk through a series of screens. You will simply need to confirm certain information and click next when prompted to do so. Installation should only take a few seconds depending on the specifications of your computer but it is usually very fast. Once the driver is installed, your microphone can be plugged in and should work perfectly. For any problems you may have with the installation, go to the USB microphone driver website and see if there is a help tutorial available. However, there should not be any problem.

A USB Microphone driver will usually come with the microphone that you purchased. If there is none available, you may be able to download it directly from the manufacturer’s website. If this is not available because you purchased an older microphone or you lost the driver, do an Internet search on the USB microphone driver for your particular model of microphone that you have. You will likely get search results from places that will allow you to download the driver. Alternately, click on the control panel of your computer and click on find new hardware. There may be an automatic install that is available on your computer which will be helpful. If all avenues are exhausted and your microphone is not working properly, contact the manufacturer directly either by telephone or email to see if their technical support department can assist you. Return to USB Microphones Homepage.

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