The USB Microphone Headset

When voice chat and Internet calling first came about, a USB microphone headset was what people relied on to allow them to speak through their computers. The early versions were bulky and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. However, today’s models are light weight and can be worn for hours, for talking through or as standard earphones to listen to music. They are adjustable for tightness on the head as well as the position of the microphone itself. The most common way that they are made is with a boom to control the height and angle of the microphone.

A USB microphone headset is the second form of microphone headset that has come about in the last decade. The original versions, as well as being bulky and heavy, were made to plug into the line out and line in ports on the back of your computer. The problem with that was the fact that both ports are located on the back of a person’s computer tower and range of motion when wearing one was limited. With a USB microphone headset, you can plug the cable into a USB port on the front of your computer, or into a hub that has been plugged in for extended length. Headsets today have been designed so that they are more comfortable than the original versions. Online gamers rely on their USB microphone headset to communicate with team member during game parties or other such online game activities. They are also compatible with game consoles, such as the Xbox and PlayStation2.

The headsets help to link people to their loved ones who are long distance or international calls apart. With programs that incorporate voice chat, such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, these distances seem to shrink with the ability to make free calls and have voice chat to keep communication flowing. Skype has become a quick success in internet calling by letting people call computer to computer for free, or computer to land lines for prices that are not rivaled by any phone company. By purchasing a USB microphone headset, you can ensure that you will be able to keep in contact with people you do and do not know. Headset prices range from fifteen dollars to thirty dollars, depending on the brand that you buy and what store you buy it from. Just like anything else that you would purchase for your computer, shopping around and comparing USB microphone headset prices can ensure that you will get a quality product for a cost efficient price. Return to Microphones Homepage.

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