versatile home studio microphone

by Alex

I play flute/piccolo, recorder consort, violin/viola, and piano, and I am also a bass singer. I like to record myself at home, in every instrumentation from solos to 90-part ensembles, but I currently own nothing better than the microphone built into my desktop computer with which to do so.

The piano is a baby grand, located in a large room with a hardwood floor, and rather too much furniture. Everything else, I can record in a similar room with less furniture, and a rug at my discretion. Neither room is soundproofed.

I own no specialized audio equipment such as amplifiers or mixers. I need to be able to record onto a computer, since I use Audacity to coordinate multiple tracks. Considering I also lack a phantom power source, what is the most suitable setup I can buy for little more than $100? If nothing satisfactory exists in that price range, what is the cheapest possibility?

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