Important Features of Video Camera Microphones

In this material we are going to talk about the video camera microphones. There are many different types of microphones that a person can use with a digital camera and these are:

the mic built into the camera, the shotgun microphone, which can be attached to the top of the camera, a handheld microphone that is simply connected to the camera, a lavaliere or clip-on mic that you can also just connect to the camera, a boom mic that can also be connected to the cam and finally, the wireless microphones that can be either handheld or lavaliere.

The built-in mic is the best choice if you need an ambient audio ar natural sound – nature scenes, such as the chirping birds or babbling brooks, or even if you want to capture the background noise from street scenes. This video camera microphone can also be used in order to record a performance or a speech, though the quality of the audio may suffer because all the other ambient sounds that the mic picks up. However, one can make adjustments to the audio level of the built-in mic, but the recommended technique is to simply set the audio to automatic by using the camera menu.

Your device may also have a shotgun video camera microphone attached to the top. If this is the case, you need to check some settings, such as making sure that the power source has been selected for the mic, setting the audio input level to “microphone” and setting the audio recording level to automatic.

We can add that the built – in microphone or the shotgun one are not ideal for interviewing someone because the background noise can make the person difficult to understand. In this case, you can choose as a video camera microphone a handheld unidirectional with windscreen, which will reduce the ambient noise.

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