Wired or wireless microphone

by Verne
(Myrtle Beach , SC)

Isn't it true that the wired microphone offers better fidelity and has less problems ie: less chance of noise, dropouts, interference etc? With the exception of not having a cable to contend with, are there any other reasons not to stay with wired?

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Feb 03, 2008
Wireless versus wired microphone
by: Microphone Guide

Wireless microphones have two main advantages over their wired counterparts.

Firstly they allow freedom of movement for the speaker or artist.

Secondly, by using wireless microphones one can avoid cabling problems common with wired microphones, caused by constant moving and stressing of the cables.

Disadvantages of wireless microphones include:

They have a limited range, some with a shorter range than others. But with more expensive models you can get greater distance. Wired balanced XLR microphone can run up to 300 ft or 100 meters.

Limited operation time is also a disadvantage, due to battery life.

Another disadvantage of wireless microphones is that you may not be able to operate many of them at the same time and place, due to limited number of radio channels (frequencies).

Cheaper models can cause interference problems but nowadays there are many fairly priced wireless microphone models that come with several frequency-synthesized switch-selectable channels. So this may not be such a problem after all.

Another disadvantage of wireless microphones is noise or dead spots. It may not work in certain places (in non-diversity systems).

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