wireless UHF transmitter

by David
( Eden,Maryland, USA)

I have a Sony PD150 and using a Samson UHF Micro 32 for my wireless and also using the on camera mic for back up. I have an extra Receiver of the same UHF Micro 32 with an extra Lav mic. Is it possible to disconnect the on camera mic and have 2 wireless mic capturing the audio on seperate channels. I need a transmitter to connect to my extra lav. I understand the samson CT7 will work not sure what they mean about U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6. I understand you have to have the mics on seperate Freq. Could you give me some feed back on this issue. I would like to do an interview for TV station when 2 people are wearing Lapels to give me good audio signal. Thanks email me below with comments.


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